Knowledge is power

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Knowledge is power

SASK Power is leading the event of 1 of the world’s largest CCS organizations – to become the first one to completely integrate CCS technology with commercial-scale coal-fired generation.

For our organization, CCS technology will contribute to a more sustainable approach to coal-fired power generation. For others interested in CCS it provides unprecedented access to a wealth of knowledge that will greatly enhance policy, research and technical expertise around the globe.

The Consortium will provide members of the global energy community with a knowledge base that has never before existed. Exclusive access to this knowledge platform will give members the integrated process design and expertise gained from our recent Power Energy Project. This is expertise that is transforming the CO2 emissions performance of an existing coal-fired unit into one that is significantly lower than that of a natural gas combined cycle unit.

The Future of CCS Starts Here

The Power leaders, engineers, and consultants have years of experience in determining the feasibility and performance of CCS technologies. From this foundation, the Consortium provides a powerful conduit for knowledge transfer on new environmental technologies using coal – one of the world’s most abundant, cost-effective, and secure fuel sources.

Consortium members will have access to technical documents created by the SASK Power team. Benefits include significant savings and efficiencies in the critical areas of integrated process design, financial management, risk, and regulatory issues, and technology selection processes.

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