SASK Power Carbon Capture Project

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SASK Power Carbon Capture Project

The Boundary Dam Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage Project is a flagship CCS initiative. Through the development of the world’s first and largest commercial-scale CCS project of its kind, SASK Power is making a viable technical, environmental and economic case for the continued use of coal.

The $1.35 billion Boundary Dam Project will see the integration of a rebuilt coal-fired generation unit with carbon capture technology, resulting in low-emission power generation. in 2014, this will become the World’s First Post-Combustion Coal-Fired CCS project.

This project will transform the aging Unit #3 at Boundary Dam Power Station near Estevan, Saskatchewan into a reliable, long-term producer of 110 megawatts (MW) of base-load electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year.… Learn more

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SASK Power Means Energy

Today, SASK Power is leading efforts round the globe to develop powerful ways for continuing use of unpolluted coal within the semipermanent generation of power. An established and proven Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology is essential to the longer term of property energy production in Canadian province and round the world.… Learn more

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About the initiative

About the Power Carbon Capture & Storage Initiatives

Saskatchewan has an abundant supply of coal. Coal-fired generating units operate 24/7 and are a reliable form of electrical generation, but they produce 70 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions in the province. We have made progress in controlling a variety of emissions, including particulate matter, sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOX) and mercury; however, carbon dioxide (CO2) remains a challenge.

To address this challenge, we are commissioning the world’s first commercial-scale coal-fired power station with a fully-integrated carbon capture and storage (CCS) system

Unit #3 at Boundary Dam Power Station, located near Estevan, Saskatchewan is being rebuilt with a state-of-the-art turbine and a fully-integrated carbon capture system capable of cutting CO2 emissions by up to 90 percent, or approximately one million tonnes a year.… Learn more

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Knowledge is power

SASK Power is leading the event of 1 of the world’s largest CCS organizations – to become the first one to completely integrate CCS technology with commercial-scale coal-fired generation.

For our organization, CCS technology will contribute to a more sustainable approach to coal-fired power generation. For others interested in CCS it provides unprecedented access to a wealth of knowledge that will greatly enhance policy, research and technical expertise around the globe.

The Consortium will provide members of the global energy community with a knowledge base that has never before existed. Exclusive access to this knowledge platform will give members the integrated process design and expertise gained from our recent Power Energy Project.… Learn more